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The slowdown has affected everyone, but you can help your neighbors.  This help is easy and comes back to help you! In economics there is a term called the velocity of money. It has to do with how much business is exchanged between different businesses. We want the flow of money to stay within our community called The United States of America instead of flowing out of the country.

When you buy something it affects someone somewhere. The next time you go to the store read the labels to see where the products are actually made and try to pick a US produced product. Just because the label is Japanese does not mean it’s made in a foreign country. Just because the label is from an old fashion American brand does not mean it’s made in America. Hershey’s candy labels say made in Mexico for example while a house brand chocolate bar is made in America and less expensive to boot. Toyota builds trucks in the US. There are hundreds of examples like these where things are not as they seem.

Read the labels! Content control issues from China just reinforce that buying American made is a good choice but you have to read the label.

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70 Million US domains

If there is any doubt as to the difficulty of how to reach the top of the search engines consider that there area almost 70,000,000 domains in the United States.

Top Dogs
Current Total
.com 51,651,895
.net 7,376,517
.org 5,005,466
.info 2,955,131
.biz 1,146,686

So should you buy one of the other top level domains instead if the .com you want is taken?  Since there are only 7 million .net domains there is a good chance you could find your magic gem is available as a .net.  Some would say you need to get a .mobi or .us or .cc but in general sticking with the top internationally known domains is the best choice.  Getting an obscure domain name from a small island in the pacific also means many ISP’s may not even accept email from you.  This is an important consideration when picking a domain name.

We have a good pulse on the domain market and work with a variety of agencies.  Find a good Internet consultant and discuss your business and market then start registering and developing the name(s) that will help you meet your Internet marketing goals.  Go to market with a solid strategy that the professionals will help you achieve.

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Best Buy Quietly Closing Geek Squad Stores

Is Best Buy finding the Geek Squad concept a failure as noticed by recent store closings? In Dallas on a great Preston Road location the very visible store has closed and had all signs of the store removed. A very prime upper class market that would seem to be the target demographic. Best Buy may be finding that computer service is vastly different than TV installation and that trained technicians are hard to come by on a massive scale. No comments available from Best Buy sources.

Geek Squad Store

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