Antivirus applications that we recommend.

Antivirus applications that we recommend.

With all the different antivirus programs out there how do you know they one you got is the right one. Best for your buck, best for your business, or all around best protection, in this article well be describing some of the current antivirus solutions currently available out there on the market how they are alike and different and then give our recommendations.

First we have the big timers McAfee and Norton antivirus for corporate usage, both perform as advertised, but in this market what makes one stand out from another isn’t all the flashy animations or pretty graphics it’s functionality, manageability, and lightweight. And in those categories Norton corp is the winner.

If your currently a home based user and your looking for an extremely affordable antivirus program a few of your choices are

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Backup Data

As we are in a new year be sure to make a full backup of your data. Having a year end backup for accounting is pretty common but your entire business should be backed up.

Common Mistakes made by independent businesses.

  • Not having a process in place to do a backup
  • Not backing up data because it is poorly organized
  • Email is usually not stored with your regular files and is often overlooked and missed in a backup process
  • Email address backup is missed because data not stored with your regular files
  • Only having 1 tape or just never changing it.
  • Only having 1 hard drive if using a hard drive to store the backup
  • Never testing the backup

If you are running Windows 2003 server,any version a backup utility is included with options for full system recovery but you need to be sure to also run a special backup called ASR.

Windows XP Professional includes a backup utility automatically installed where for XP Home the backup isn’t automatically installed.

Depending on where you are backing up and the media type most people benefit from enahnced backup and restore software. Teh built-in backup utilities work but are what they are. In the case of servers and ASR recovery there are some real gotchya’s. Microsoft does not consider them critical but the restore process can be much more difficult than need be.

If you have employees on the payroll not able to work for a single day due to backup failure that is very expensive lost time so it is important to have a backup, test the backup on a periodic basis and store multiple copies away from the office.

-Find yourself a good IT consulting firm who will listen and deliver your business solutions that add real value and process improvement.

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Call Of Duty 4

If you guys want the scoop come and get it. Call of Duty 4 otherwise known as CoD4 has taken on a more modern roll when compared to it’s predisesors. biased in modern time Call of Duty 4 story is biased on 2 different teams, the U.S. Marine Core(USMC) and the British special air service (S.A.S.). But I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys so lets get down to the real review.

Call of Duty 4

Graphics – With the new graphics engin out the door CoD4 is looking more beautifull then ever. every model, every tank, every weapon, building has been maticulously detailed down to the tiny cracks in the wall. I cant imagine how many man hours they put into the details of their models. 10 out of 10

Call of Duty 4 picture 2 Call of Duty 4 picture 1

Sound – As with the whole series of CoD games all the typical sounds of the guns, bombs, voices, units, sound great this edition is no different. These sounds just add to the realism and builds upon what they already have. noticeable throughout the game there is a soundtrack tht starts to play, the music is a type of hype music that seems to do its job rather well propelling your emotions into a frenzy that will eventually end with alot of dead hostiles. 9 out of 10

Gameplay – Gameplay with typical FPS single player story lines are usually 1 of two things, you follow your team around and complete tasks and objectives to eventually complete your ultimate goal or your a solo killing machine and you take on the entire world. This game doesn’t break any originality records in this field but then it doesn’t need to. The implementation of the typical squad style gameplay of CoD4 has been done to perfection. Constant communication between your squad, yourself and the mission analyst makes the whole squad experience seem a bit fuller and more lifelike. With the addition of shooting through walls and some specialized sniping missions this game has a very high replay value and if thats not enough for you the leveling system in multipayer is sure to keep you playing for hours on in. 9.5 out of 10

Overview – With the current CoD standards that are out there im not sure how anyone could come up with a better or more well played game, but Infinity Ward’s Cod team has pulled it off again. Blazing new graphics, realistic high definition audio, and deep storyline will make this game a best seller, and one of my personal favorites for years to come. it is my recommendation that anyone who has skipped out on this game check out the demo that can be found here or go out and get yourself a copy!!9.5 out of 10!

The Call of Duty4 website can be found at

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Mobility and your success.

Mobility and your success.

Today’s workers are typically either stationary in an office or mobile always on the go even if that might be locally around town. The range of choices for email is pretty wide. You can have mail on your phone, wirelessly on a laptop or webmail just to name a few. There is no best clear choice but cost necessitates some consideration of functionality versus the price of the slick solution of the day. Consulting with a wide variety of clients arms us with tested solutions for every budget size.

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