As many of you guys know in the tech world the newest threat affecting most of us today is the 2009 antivirus adware/spyware that is going around. Antivirus 2009 is a highly successful rogue antivirus application that installs itself through many other spyware openings or packaged along with well known software cracks.

Threat Level – Medium to High

The spyware as I will call it can affect many portions of your systems including prevent changing of your backgrounds, notifying you that you may be infected with a virus and then upon clicking present you with your savior option of buying their software. This is a commonly used tactic to scare the user into giving up their money to remove the problem. The is generally considered a bad idea and makes people very angry.

As most of us here at DFW Marketing have come up against this ourselves we have compiled a list of useful tools and fixes that can help you in removing your antivirus 2009 threat.

1st. ComboFix.exe,  a simply tool that seems to scan for a limited threats and removes them. Good Рlight weight, small and quick to run. Bad Рpublisher cannot be verified, Ugly Рnone.

2nd. Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, software application that has been growing in popularity since 2004, the application can scan our and remove most of the damage caused by Antivirus2009 but in my experience not all of it.
Visit the website Here
Download Malwarebytes Here

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4 Steps, before you go online…. and surf.

4 Steps, before you go online…. and surf.

According to Microsoft as described in this article there are five steps that one should take before going online(though we will only be covering four). Between viruses, spyware, malware, and trojans the internet is a nasty place and by following the steps below you can help, if even a little bit, protect yourself from it.


  1. Make sure that your Firewall is on and protecting you.
    Often times one might have their firewalls turned off or have then opened up like swiss cheese for lack of a better term. If that’s the case you are vulnerable to all the evils on the internet, now is that what you really want ?
  2. Get software updates.
    Software updates are a great way of keeping your computer up to date on the latest and greatest, and on all the newest security holes. when you update your software gaps in security are often closed, leaving your over all system typically more secure then it had been.
  3. Install antivirus software.
    This is one of the most important steps, Everyone should be familiar with what this program does … it stops viruses from intruding and infecting your computer system. Because a unprotected computer on the internet can be infected within moments of connecting it is highly recommended that you install an anti-virus program before you go online, and then update it as soon possible.
  4. Install anti-spyware software.
    Spyware now days sometimes is a larger problem then the viruses of the world, leaving your computer slow, unresponsive, or just plain not working. The helpful thing to do is to pick out a favorite anti-spyware program and just stick with it. Keep it updated and don’t neglect to run a scan every month or so. Below is listed some anti-spyware programs that we here at 1callservice find beneficial.

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