Fedex bought Kinkos and with it received a large copy center operation and package collection point. They needed that to keep up the the visionary UPS. Recently we needed some cards quickly during a trade show and took our business to Kinkos to make the cards. We got 1000 black and white cards for $52.00 on white card stock. We did not expect the lowest price but acceptable all things considered. It is important to understand the printing process with Kinkos at some locations so you won’t have the same printing problems we describe next.

First, we supplied the artwork 12 up on disk ready to print. All the clerk did was load the file and select print. They print your work on 8.5×11 card stock so you get 12 standard business cards out of each page. To get 1000 business cards requires 84 sheets of paper which is then cut into cards. They charge you for 84 copies plus cutting.  We would do it ourselves but the copiers could not handle the thick card stock.

Now for the rip off.  If you decide you want color card stock this location will charge you for the color copies at .50/copy and charge $1 per sheet of card stock.  This is the same card stock as the black and white.   We discussed this issue with the manager but she was firm that the price was the price if you wanted a color sheet of paper.  We asked why $1 for a sheet of paper? That is $500 for a ream of paper! Yes, we should all be  in that business! The show was good and we ran out of cards the next day and discovered another Fedex Kinkos nearby. We placed the same order and the pricing was fair at half of the cost for the first location.  In the times of watching budgets this was an eye opener.  So beware when dealing with the Fedex Kinkos chain.

Some locations care and deliver great service and there is 1 location we will never visit again?  Have you had the same issues?