Business Processes Complete?

We talk about having business intelligence and gathering data as the all important seed for business success.     Information intelligence and knowing your company strengths and opportunities is necessary for sure but take a moment to look at your internal business processes.

We witnessed a humble process that happens in every business, cleaning the floors.   Alsmost no process is to small to improve.  In casual observation at a standard facility it was noticed that a particular cleaning person would get a broom and sweep everything into piles.  That is fine and we all would do the same thing, grouping the dust and junk to a pile and pick it up.  This is where the process seemed to break.  The custodian never brought a dust pan.

How did this affect the process?  What where the ramifications?  The custodian would have to go back and get the dust pan leaving the piles along the corridors and hallways.   People had to go around the piles, they looked unsightly and of course the work was only half done.  The person had to travel to each area twice instead of once.  Sure they were busy but the hallway had the appearance of not being clean on a regular basis.  Appearance is reality!

The simple act of bringing the dustpan resulted in areas being cleaned and the piles were not left for people to go around.  The impression was a new cleaning company must have started. The custodian got done quicker by saving on the extra trips to the cleaning closet.

Fast forward to a year and all those minutes add up to a cleaner place with less effort because a simple change was identified and implemented.
What business process can you improve today?

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