The myth continues that you can get cheap unlimited reseller web hosting and actually succeed, survive and thrive.   Electricity costs money folks and that glitzy page touting unlimited everything for 7.95 just is not going to happen.  You are better off finding a small hosting company with live phone support and sleep well at night.  There has been a 20% drop in the number of ISP’s still in business.     Countless innocent victims have suddenly found the websites they worked so hard to promote are offline and that cheap host with such a good deal just went belly up and you went belly down.   Unless you have a backup of your database and files along with your registration in order your side could be down for awhile.

If this has happened to you and your business is important and your email needs to be dependable then generally steer clear of the unlimited hosting ad sites out there.  We considered putting recommendations here but did not want to seem biased.    There are a lot of good regional ISP’s that deliver good service.  If they have been around 15 years it is a pretty good bet they are doing something right.