seo-magnifying-dallasWe all love Google for the good they bring, the summers of code and other great projects they helped move forward.  They have some good tools and here are a few tools that can be used by the average business owner without needing a PHD in computer terminology.  We purposely will not look at the adwords, adcenter or any tool that requires a login or account before you can use the tool.  Everything listed here is free for use and not to difficult.

First up is trends.  What are the search trends for your industry, product or service?   Hop right over to Google Trends and start searching. You can combine multiple search terms with commas and see how they compare.

Put competing companies up on the search as this can be very informative.  If you are a stock trader this is a fantastic tool and gives you a view not seen by the standard stocastics tools for stock picks.  The view compares several years so you get a big picture view including major news and associated search peaks.   Look up your search data and think about the low spots.  Did you spot a trend?  What can you do to help your business avoid any valley shown in the metric results?

MSN offers several tools in the question of search relevance and search value.  Keyword search group is a tool to help you with related terms for your search.  Our tests honestly did not reveal much and pretty much only worked with single words not phrases.

Try out the keyword funnel tool.  It means keyword not key phrase.  Type in 2 a word phrase and don’t expect to get results.  Single keywords work well unless you sell something like windows where obvious conflicts between software and actual windows come into play.


The MSN keyword mispelling tool is very weak.  It will catch a few but we know from actual web logs the results from the tool are just not very thorough.  There is value in how easy it is but we wanted more from the search results.

The MSN keyword forcasting tool is nice, has good metrics and gives an interesting view of search consolidation for multiple terms.  Be sure to click the “text” link shown below for a numeric view of the results.  We like numbers!!

Here is a link to all the MSN tools so you can do some quick data mining. MSN Free Search Tools.

There are many additional tools and search professionals available.  Find someone you can talk to in your own timezone and armed with some information from the search tools above you will really help your SEO company take you to the next level.  You can do a lot yourself but a professional will let you go run your business while helping achive your online search goals.
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