Nice,  Google released a new feature called Google Instant.   While we thought something was wrong with our browser it was really the dawn of a new way to search.  Ajax programmers gave us super fast magical features for our websites and Google uses a lot of Ajax in it’s products. 

Google Instant requires no training or plugin, just go to and start searching for something like dfw marketing and result choices instantly come up.  This for us has the initial effect of seeming like to much blinking and forget about your adwords on the side.  Your eyes won’t keep up as the body keeps changing while you type.

So the cool thing is to use backspace.  This feature lets you glance results and might make it easier to get the relevant information you were looking for.  Use backspace on the fly and see the results change in the body not just the search drop down which was cool when that first started appearing also.  This will affect SEO and adwords although Google has stated that no changes to the search result process was made.  

This will change how we interactively search.