We got a call today from Leapfish, on one of our cell phones no less.   The caller asked out our service like any prospect would do and the caller identified himself as James after a minute and reveals that he is not a prospect but a telemarketer for leapfish.com.   We looked at the site and it had a decent page rank so we allowed James to schedule a callback later.   This gives us time to investigate the site and determine if it could be good for clients.

Our conclusion is that leapfish.com is not recommended for our clients.

They claim to have combined search and social media like that has never been done before..
James claimed that Google wasn’t better it was just different.  Google is based on popularity, Yahoo is based on content relevancy and Bing is based on news related or fresher content. 

They are aggregating the content and trying to sell ads on the site.  Nothing wrong with that. 
They are ranked well by Alexa but that doesn’t matter if your business doesn’t get leads.  There are distractions for every search so you could be displayed but still never get relevant traffic or conversions.

How it generally works.

You buy a key word position with 3 positions available.  Each year you have to pay 5% to maintain the position.
Example: Home Based Business
If someone searched this exact phrase your ad should be displayed 100% of the time along with news,  videos, Amazon advertisements etc… 

They say you can later sell your ad position but it is not clear how that process would work assuming the company maintains funding to get enough visitors to become a house hold name.  It’s a gamble.   We were told there are about 750,000 visitors per month.

The parent company is http://dotnextinc.com/  It was like pulling teeth to get this out of them.  The parent website wrote this about the company. http://dotnextinc.com/DotNext-Companies.aspx     Do your own due diligence and good luck.