Search engine optimization has become the weapon of choice for small companies to compete.

Traffic is shifting to the web

Traffic is shifting to the web

SEO for short, is what people search for along with SEM which is short for Search Engine Marketing.  One would think that traditional advertising is dead but that is far from true.

Mail, email and websites are all viable methods of marketing. To twitter or not is not the question. The fundamentals are much lower than the high level question of precisely where to market.   DFW marketing recently came across a company providing search engine marketing with a single focus of buying links called linkbacks and they never even see the stats of the website they are promoting instead relying only on the link tracking of the service they use to buy the back links. Fortunately we educated them to some basics and they will be more successful as a result.

Tip Time: If you signed up for SEO or SEM and the marketing company has not asked for access to your stats fire them right now! Do not waste another dollar or try to educate them because they should be educating you.

Tip Time: Before you signed an agreement was a specific measurable goal discussed? Something to think about..