As some of you may know at this time Toshiba has officially announced that it will be pulling out of the next gen HD disk format war. This news comes as a shock and a relieve as Blu-ray backers, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, and Warner Bros now have effectively won the format war. Toshiba will no longer produce HD DVD movies or players and WAL*MART is now switching to carrying only Blu-ray. This is such an exciting time for those of us who can remember the old betamax/VHS war. betamax was the superior product at the time but because of the cheap production ability and the backers at the time VHS won and became the standard.

Blu-ray and HD DVD

Sony now has the golden opportunity to make a golden comeback in the video game console war as well. The lose of HD DVD means that Sony with the playstation 3 now has the ability to make a good push in the market to sell more playstation 3’s as both their legendary gaming system and the home entertainment system guaranteed to last through the decade.

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Playstation 3