The Orange Box five games one box. the orange box is the latest release from VALVe software focusing mainly on the Half-Life story. lets first cover what’s in the box how they relate then finally on to the reviews.

The Orange Box

  1. Half-Life 2
  2. HL2: Episode One
  3. HL2: Episode Two
  4. Portal
  5. Team Fortress 2

The Orange Box - Five Games in one box!

So theres your lineup right there and as you can see three of the five games there are actually half-life games themselves moving the story along. The first three games are in sequential order as you play through them you learn that our scientist friend Gordon Freedman takes on the hero roll as the world falls apart around him. Moving throughout the series you can meet some devastating enemies, walk around and explore lush environments, and interact with the multitude of deep characters that are introduced throughout.

Portal our #4 game on the list is somewhat different from all the rest. Portal it’s self is a standalone in terms of game play but makes several hints into the half-life world suggesting that throughout possible episode 3 the two games stories will become intertwined. Portal is a game about just that PORTALS. early in the game you pick up your only weapon throughout the game a two-way portal generating gun. While most of the first levels of portal are obviously and specifically designed to get the player accustom to how the rest of the game will be played there is a constant testing of creativity and critical thinking skills to finish the game up which essentially is a puzzle game.

The 5th game in the lineup is Team Fortress 2 a classic rewrite of the old team fortress. Filled with all the same characters the main difference is the cell shading world with a new fast paced game style

the orange Box is for sale in the stores or available for download on steam for $49.99