I’ve got to admit I have been very pleased with my new 8800. I have not encountered anything that this card could not handle. I run COD4 on max settings with anti-aliasing 4x and still get around 60 fps. Unreal 3 with max settings and fps remains the same, about 60. Even Crysis runs smoothly with settings maxed out. For only $300, this card is absolutely amazing, and for any serious gamer, I wouldn’t recommend anything less.

Putting performance aside there is one thing that anyone purchasing this card should be aware of. This card is a beast, but with all that power comes heat, so you need to make sure your case has adequate airflow. I have an Antec Sonata III case, and the video card itself is so large (extending almost the entire length of the motherboard) that I can’t get adequate airflow around it. The card heats up and eventually shuts down running Unreal 3 and Crysis on max settings, but surprisingly I can run COD4 indefinitely. So my immediate solution is to open my case and put a little desktop fan near the case blowing onto the video card just to make sure the heat is blown out and the card works fine.

The Sonata III that I bought only came with a single 120mm fan in the back, to suck heat out. It’s simply not enough cooling for the 8800 when its running Unreal 3 or Crysis maxed out. I don’t have the time to test out a number of different cases or fan layouts for this specific case to tell which is best but I do recommend having as much cooling and airflow as possible. Don’t let it deter you though; the problem is with my case not nvidia’s card. Buy one of these bad boys and watch all your gaming buddies get green with envy. *Pats Hunter on his green back*