As we are in a new year be sure to make a full backup of your data. Having a year end backup for accounting is pretty common but your entire business should be backed up.

Common Mistakes made by independent businesses.

  • Not having a process in place to do a backup
  • Not backing up data because it is poorly organized
  • Email is usually not stored with your regular files and is often overlooked and missed in a backup process
  • Email address backup is missed because data not stored with your regular files
  • Only having 1 tape or just never changing it.
  • Only having 1 hard drive if using a hard drive to store the backup
  • Never testing the backup

If you are running Windows 2003 server,any version a backup utility is included with options for full system recovery but you need to be sure to also run a special backup called ASR.

Windows XP Professional includes a backup utility automatically installed where for XP Home the backup isn’t automatically installed.

Depending on where you are backing up and the media type most people benefit from enahnced backup and restore software. Teh built-in backup utilities work but are what they are. In the case of servers and ASR recovery there are some real gotchya’s. Microsoft does not consider them critical but the restore process can be much more difficult than need be.

If you have employees on the payroll not able to work for a single day due to backup failure that is very expensive lost time so it is important to have a backup, test the backup on a periodic basis and store multiple copies away from the office.

-Find yourself a good IT consulting firm who will listen and deliver your business solutions that add real value and process improvement.