Browser Market Share Report 08

Developers are constantly watching web logs to see just what browsers are being used by visitors of their particular sites. The general report holds that Microsoft Internet explorer is still the predominant browser with almost 80% of the browser market considering most everyone is running XP with more being migrated into using Vista. The message is clear for most, develop applications for IE computability first and everything else second.

Browser Market Share Survey Results

The steady increase of Firefox and Apple’s safari still pale in comparison although recently the iphone is starting to show up in logs. Unless you are in a niche market this isn’t probably something you should put at the top of the list. It does say that more people are going to browse the internet and use the tiny handheld screen included with cell phones.

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We have been reviewing sites not specifically designed for the handheld pda browser market but it is nice to see them render well when checking. We do not find it yet financially prudent in most cases to put a lot of resources toward making sites render clean in the 3″ screen category but keep watching your logs. If your site attracts a high number of handheld visitors then you will want to polish up your code to detect and present your data to your handheld visitors. This would be the exception not the rule.
2008 should see a new batch of highly capable phones with more Internet capability than ever before but that doesn’t mean we will jump on the experience. Even the Big “G” can’t make me throw out my dual widescreens. The population is aging and small screens are simply not going to please your mom for more than a few minutes.

Serious browsing will be on the desktop and the news is clear that IE is the browser of choice. The most common desktop resolution is 1024×768 with widescreen monitors in the 1280×800 range running a distant second.

Look for a designer aware of these issues and always keep looking at your logs. There is a lot more than just browser information but the start is certainly making sure your site works in the most popular browser being used by the visitors to your family of websites. [spark] [type bar] [size 10, 20] [series -15,-1,65,16.01,77.35][/spark]

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Nvidia 8800 GT, a humble review.

I’ve got to admit I have been very pleased with my new 8800. I have not encountered anything that this card could not handle. I run COD4 on max settings with anti-aliasing 4x and still get around 60 fps. Unreal 3 with max settings and fps remains the same, about 60. Even Crysis runs smoothly with settings maxed out. For only $300, this card is absolutely amazing, and for any serious gamer, I wouldn’t recommend anything less.

Putting performance aside there is one thing that anyone purchasing this card should be aware of. This card is a beast, but with all that power comes heat, so you need to make sure your case has adequate airflow. I have an Antec Sonata III case, and the video card itself is so large (extending almost the entire length of the motherboard) that I can’t get adequate airflow around it. The card heats up and eventually shuts down running Unreal 3 and Crysis on max settings, but surprisingly I can run COD4 indefinitely. So my immediate solution is to open my case and put a little desktop fan near the case blowing onto the video card just to make sure the heat is blown out and the card works fine.

The Sonata III that I bought only came with a single 120mm fan in the back, to suck heat out. It’s simply not enough cooling for the 8800 when its running Unreal 3 or Crysis maxed out. I don’t have the time to test out a number of different cases or fan layouts for this specific case to tell which is best but I do recommend having as much cooling and airflow as possible. Don’t let it deter you though; the problem is with my case not nvidia’s card. Buy one of these bad boys and watch all your gaming buddies get green with envy. *Pats Hunter on his green back*

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Eve-Online gamers take the fall.

Eve-Online the space biased mmo last week released it’s new graphics engion in the form of a major patch code named “Trinity”.

Trinity brings alot to the tables as far as the mmo world goes. Trinity is the new free expantion bringing 4 new ship classes and a total of 20 new ships to the table I believe ranging from small tactical electronic warfare frigits to large non combat jump frighters. Eve-Online brought new graphic and art content to the mmo tables that resembles some of the high end games of today thus pushing Eve-Online to back to the top of the good mmo graphics list once again. I fully expect that Eve-Online will be on the top of some of the great games 07 lists.

With this great new expansion there was a horrible coding problem that was released with it’s new graphic content. a file called boot.ini was created in the new expansion that happened to in windows 2000 or xp replace the root boot.ini effectively hosing your system if you restarted without fixing the problem. 12 hours after the incident was reported there where at least 750 affected users according to the eve-online forms. with an estimate of $100,000 + in estimated in damages.

Please if you think your are effected by this problem read the eve site below and fix yourself before it’s too late


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